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ngenuity Press USA was founded in 2001 as a communications division of the long-established entertainment communications and talent management firm Lemack & Company Public Relations/Talent Management. The division's mission is to create and publish original materials of interest to actors and the general public about the business of acting and related areas. The company produces and publishes books in those and related genres, including television, film and performing arts; celebrities, entertainers and performing artists; and American pop culture as defined through the media.



The New Business of Acting:

How to Build a Career in a Changing Landscape

"Read this book or get out of the business"

Adam Ginivisian, Agent, ICM

Talent Manager Brad Lemack covers the new landscape that is the new business of acting in the long awaited followup to his first, popular book for actors,

The Business of Acting: Learn the Skills You Need to Build the Career You Want,

first published in 2010.

The New Business of Acting builds on the skills and lessons taught in the first book and teaches actors how to be

proactive and empowered in the new digital environment.

The New Business of Acting also teaches readers how to create and market their individual brands and how to create, build, launch and maintain an

Action Plan for career success.


The author has written a Book Update/Author's Note on the Spring 2012 merger of the two actor unions, SAG and AFTRA, into the new SAG-AFTRA. This update, available at, supplements chapter 7 in the book

("Unions and Actors") and should be read after reading chapter 7

for a full and complete perspective.



The Business of Acting

The Business of Acting

"The Business of Acting is a

must-read for actors."

Back Stage West review

Talent has little to do with who becomes successful in the business of acting. What can impact one's chances for success more than anything else is learning how to be a smart, empowered actor. The Business of Acting, by talent manager and entertainment publicist Brad Lemack, will teaches the strategic skills and perspective every actor needs to know to launch or to jump start their career.

With a foreword by Emmy Award-winning actress Isabel Sanford, star of the long-running series “The Jeffersons,” The Business of Acting is call a “must-read for actors" by Back Stage West.

In addition to developing and representing talent, the author hosts the Web TV series "Inside the Business of Acting" on the Virtual Channel Network. The program features successful, working actors and industry professionals talking about their career journeys, turning points and lessons learned along the way, designed to, like the book, empower young actors (and others) in the journeys of the their own careers. Brad is also the creator and host of, a Web entertainment destination that celebrates the contributions on "classic" television actors on American pop culture.

Learn about more about the book and Brad Lemack at, where you can also read and subscribe to the free Business of Acting Blog for industry news, comments and updates.


Acting and How to Be Good at It:

The Second Edition

Acting and How To Be Good At It"It's obvious he knows his stuff."

Back Stage review

Acting and How to Be Good at It: The Second Edition, by noted character actor and acting coach Basil Hoffman, is a compelling, practical analysis of the actor’s craft. His unique questions-and-answers approach covers every aspect of professional acting, with behind-the-scenes anecdotes from his own experience and from the careers of the greatest actors, directors and writers of stage and screen.

Part revealing memoir, part valuable, interactive textbook, Acting and How to Be Good at It: The Second Edition is not only for actors, but for anyone who wants to gain a better appreciation of the actor’s work in an easily understandable, insightful and entertaining format.  With a foreword by Academy Award-winning director Sydney Pollack, this book is an important resource for every actor and fan.

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